Solid Support For Your Workers' Compensation Benefits Goals

Was your serious workplace accident injury ignored by your employer after you reported it?

Are you struggling to recover from this setback in a hospital, off the job, losing income and wondering if you will have a job to come back to?

Is your family desperate for help with medical bills in an era of rising health care costs?

In Chula Vista, San Diego County and Imperial County, the Law Office of Veronica A. Perez is here to help in any way it can.

As a loyal, hardworking employee, you deserve better than to be ignored by your employer and its insurer when an unforeseen, sudden accident occurs, which injures you seriously and makes your work future uncertain. Workers' compensation and employment law attorney Veronica A. Perez uses her years of experience, extensive legal knowledge and attentive personal service to make a positive difference in your life.

Experienced, Affordable Representation That Protects Your Rights After A Workplace Accident Injury

As your workers' comp lawyer, Ms. Perez listens to your account of what happened, advocates for your need for medical care after broken bones or a spinal cord injury, and generally represents your goals to your employer and its insurance company, in and out of court. She excels as both negotiator and litigator. When your work together has concluded, you will know that your rights have been fully protected.

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