Skilled Legal Assistance For Workers' Wage-Hour Issues

Employers in California and nationally have the legal duty to compensate employees fully, according to work agreements for wage-hour and overtime arrangements.

When business owners avoid these responsibilities, workers are equally obligated to stand up for themselves and their rights — and an experienced employment law attorney can level the playing field for these victims of wage-hour violations.

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At the Law Office of Veronica A. Perez in Chula Vista, serving clients in San Diego County, Imperial County and surrounding areas, we strive to aggressively protect the rights of employees who are not fully compensated for services rendered. If you have not been paid what you deserve, according to a prevailing wage, and need the kind of dedicated legal representation that gets results, you should contact us immediately.

Employment lawyer Veronica A. Perez has years of experience with the successful handling of a wide variety of employment law cases, including claims pertaining to wage-hour and overtime issues, discrimination on the basis of race and religion, sexual harassment, whistleblower retaliation, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) matters, wrongful termination and hostile work environments.

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